Ideas Related to Overcoming Alcohol Addiction


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Living with an alcohol addiction is painful. It causes so much distress in one’s life. It is difficult to breathe at times, physically and figuratively. Addiction takes hold of a life and tears through it. If you have suffered with an alcohol addiction, you probably have already experienced this. However, there are solutions. In fact, it is possible to overcome an alcohol addiction. To do so, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with a few ideas related to overcoming an alcohol addiction.

No Management Over Life

According to Chapter 5 of the Big Book it states, “That we were alcoholic and could not manage our own lives.” This couldn’t be closer to the truth. As an alcoholic, you lose control of every aspect of your life. It doesn’t all happen at once and even when you feel you are in control, you aren’t truthfully. Alcohol continues to pull you back in piece by piece. Eventually, there is a rock bottom. You will see that you have no management over your life when you are living an alcoholic lifestyle. However, if you contact an addiction treatment center, you can get the help you need to regain control over your life.

Human Power Isn’t Enough to Overcome an Addiction

Chapter 5 of the Big Book also states, “That probably no human power could have relieved our alcoholism.” Will power isn’t enough to push yourself out of the depths of addiction. It takes much more than just saying you are going to stop drinking. Many alcoholics have tried to tell themselves to quit drinking. They may have been able to do so for a while, but ultimately, that didn’t work. You need more than your will power to help you overcome an alcohol addiction. You need something greater than yourself or just your word to push you into recovery.

Look to a Higher Power

In Chapter 5 of the Big Book it states, “That God could and would if He were sought.” Now remember, God does not have to be the traditional God. It can be any Higher Power you seek ought. Everyone has their own version of a Higher Power. Find yours and seek out their help. It could be the universe in general, for example. When you look to a Higher Power for help to overcome an alcohol addiction, you see there is so much more in this world. You don’t have to fight this disease alone. You can look to your Higher Power for the strength, courage, and guidance needed to create a recovering lifestyle for yourself.


Are you suffering from an alcohol addiction? If so, an alcohol rehab center can help you to see that recovery is possible. You don’t have to keep falling back into the pits of despair. Alcohol doesn’t have to keep controlling your life. The alcohol rehabilitation facility and your Higher Power can help you get out of the grip of your addiction. It may seem tough and it is. However, when you get into recovery and see the possibilities for your life, you will realize it is all worth it.

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