Information About Drug Withdrawal


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There are many things that everyone needs to learn about the dangers of drugs and drug withdrawal is one of those things. While the withdrawal process may not be fatal, it is still very difficult to get through. There are different symptoms the drug addict might experience during the withdrawal process. There are also different factors that may cause the severity level of change with the withdrawal symptoms, as well.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Some of the main symptoms of withdrawal when coming down from heroin and many prescription painkillers are flu-based symptoms. These generally will last around 3-10 days. When coming off from benzodiazepines, anxiety and seizures are 2 of the most common withdrawal symptoms. These can last weeks or even months. When coming off from cocaine, restlessness and depression are very common. These symptoms generally last between 7 to 10 days. Lastly, when cleaning alcohol out of the body, seizures and tremors are common. These can last anywhere between 3 days to many weeks.

Factors Affecting Severity of Withdrawal Symptoms

There are different factors that can affect the severity of withdrawal symptoms, as well. These things include the following:

  • Time spent abusing the drug
  • Type of drug abused
  • Method of drug abuse 
  • Amount of drugs used every time
  • Family history of addiction
  • Genetic makeup of the addict
  • Mental health and medical factors 

These are the most common factors that can affect the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

Treatments for Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are going through withdrawal from a drug addiction, you can overcome the addiction on your own, at home. However, many drug addicts who try to do that relapse within the first few hours of getting clean or sober. It is recommended that everyone detoxes from drugs in a medical detox program. After the detox program, it is highly recommended for most recovering addicts to attend an alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabilitation program.

If you suffer from a drug addiction and you need to overcome it, there are many alcohol rehab or drug rehab centers that can help you. You can make the call to 888-992-7955 today.