There are many addicts and alcoholics who have attended inpatient rehab. However, there are also many who have not. The choice may be yours as to whether you attend inpatient rehab, unless it was deemed by the court or someone else that you must attend. With the choice being yours, what do you do? If this is your first time going to rehab, you may be unsure of what is right for you. There are some ideas and tips that will help you to determine whether you should attend an inpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab program.

Severity of Your Addiction

One of the things you will need to think about is the severity of your addiction. If your addiction to drugs or alcohol has only been happening for a little bit and you caught it early, you may not need to attend inpatient rehab. Intensive outpatient rehab or outpatient treatment may be the best for you. However, if your addiction is more severe, it is likely that you may need to attend an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabilitation program.

Length of Your Addiction

How long have you been addicted to alcohol or drugs? If it has only been a couple of weeks or months, you may be alright attending an outpatient treatment program. However, if you have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for a year or more, the inpatient rehab program may be the better choice. In some instances, even if you have only been addicted to alcohol or drugs for a few months and the addiction is more severe, you still may want to try out the inpatient rehab first.


If you are able to attend inpatient rehab because you don’t have a job to attend to or children to take care of, then this may be the right choice. Inpatient rehab gives you more experience in the recovery and treatment environment. It allows you to get around-the-clock supervision, as well. If you are able to let go of your other responsibilities for a bit, then it might be helpful to attend inpatient rehab.

These are some of the tips that will help you decide whether you should attend inpatient rehab. If you need more advice please contact 888-992-7955 to speak to alcohol or drug treatment center professionals today.