Step 10 and Lifelong Recovery


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When you are working a 12 step program after an alcohol or drug rehab, you must work through each step with care and grace. Step 10 is one that helps you continue your recovery – “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” Have you gotten to this step? If so, then you know that your personal inventory must continue. You can’t just do it once and say that you are done. Recovery is a lifelong journey. When you continue to take your personal inventory and promptly admit when you are wrong, you greatly increase your chances of staying clean and sober. You greatly increase your chances of living a more successful recovering lifestyle as well.

Grow in Understanding and Effectiveness

As part of the 10th step of recovery, you are going to continue to grow. You are going to keep learning healthier coping skills, how to stay clean and sober, and how to improve your life. With that being said, you are also going to become more effective at living your recovering lifestyle as well. You are going to learn how to effectively maintain your relationships, your self-care, your recovery, and more. If you can continue to grow in understanding and effectiveness, you can make your recovery a whole lot better.

Cease Fighting Anything or Anyone

When you are in recovery and working on the 10th step, you are ceasing to fight anything or anyone. You are ready to accept things as they are and people for who they are. The more you fight the things in your life and the people you encounter, the higher your risk of relapsing will be. Of course, there are going to be people who irritate you or get on your nerves. This happens to everyone. However, you must not fight with them. You must accept what is happening or being said and make healthy choices for your life and recovery. If you can do this, you can improve your entire recovering lifestyle.

Love and Tolerance of Others

Step 10 of AA also means that you will have love and tolerance to others. You just read about how you will cease to fight anything or anyone in your life. You will also show love for those in your life. When you are working this step, you will learn how to enhance your tolerance of others. As previously mentioned, there may be people who irritate you. They may do things you don’t like. However, if you are tolerant of others, you won’t let them affect your recovery success. You won’t let them tear down your progress and you will learn to grow tolerant of yourself and your own mistakes as well.

These are some of the things you will do in Step 10 of AA. If you have relapsed or need to get started in recovery, call 888-992-7955 to talk to alcohol or drug treatment center professionals today.