10 Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction


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You may consider your drinking habits to be normal. But, actually, you may be suffering from alcoholism which can put you at significant risk. However, you may be in denial, delaying your recovery journey. You should identify the symptoms of alcoholism and help yourself.

Some symptoms of alcohol addiction are:

  1. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol- Social or moderate drinking is acceptable unless there are no side effects. However, you may switch to binge drinking, i.e., having five or more drinks in a day. This is where problem drinking starts, and in cases of advanced alcoholism, you may have more than a dozen drinks each day.
  2. Unable to cut back on alcohol- You may often decide to cut back on alcohol. However, you may rarely stick to your decision and end up drinking more than you should. You may not even think about the consequences.
  3. Unable to solve the problems- Alcohol addiction can lead to many issues like organ failure or troubled marriage. However, you may be unable to change yourself despite being aware of the problems. Things can get worse as you lose perspective and control.
  4. Spending a lot of time on alcohol-related activities You are likely to engage in alcohol-related activities. However, sometimes you may even neglect your family, job, and hobbies. You may defend your actions by blaming people for not understanding your problems.
  5. Developing withdrawal symptoms- You can experience withdrawal symptoms, like nausea and vomiting, if you suddenly stop your alcohol intake. However, if these symptoms are severe, you must immediately visit a doctor.
  6. Higher tolerance of alcohol- Your tolerance of alcohol will increase over time if you regularly consume it. However, you may think you do not have any problem as you do not quickly get drunk. You may even drink more to feel intoxicated or impaired.
  7. Cravings for alcohol- There are specific triggers, like physical sensations or emotions, leading to alcohol cravings. However, if you have an alcohol addiction, your brain will react differently to these triggers. You will have a powerful urge to drink, and you will not be able to think about anything else.
  8. Drinking at inappropriate times/places- You may want to start your morning with a glass of beer or visit the church only with your drink. However, you may still feel that it is normal and nowhere an addiction.
  9. Avoiding situations where there is no alcohol- Your fun may be restricted to only drinking. You may also end up avoiding those situations/places which do not allow/serve alcohol.
  10. Dependency on alcohol- Your brain may not function correctly in everyday life unless you drink alcohol. You may feel anxious or too lazy.

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