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According to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, “We must not shrink at anything.” What does this mean? Well, if you are a recovering alcoholic or addict, you must know that the amends process is a big part of recovering from your addiction. When you are making amends, you can choose to avoid some people because you are concerned about making that amend. That fear of doing so might lead you to relapsing. There are many examples that could help you to see that ignoring these amends will stand in your way during the recovery process

Done Something at Your Job

The truth is that many people are afraid to make amends to their boss because they are afraid they may lose their job. It may be something as simple as saying you got more hours than you really did or according to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, maybe you padded the expense book. Either way, avoiding the confrontation that might ensue, is only going to weigh you down in your recovery. It is only going to hold you back. Yes, you may be afraid of losing your job or getting in trouble, but it has to be done.

Avoiding Your Alimony Payments

Many recovering alcoholics and addicts are divorced. Even if they got into an alcohol or drug rehab program after they got divorced, they still must make amends to their ex-spouse whenever possible. Maybe you are avoiding alimony payments or you have hurt your ex-spouse in another way. No matter what you have done, it is important to divulge your apologies and set things straight. If you don’t do this, you are going to keep feeling guilty and this could lead you to relapsing.

Hurt Your Best Friend

Maybe you have had the same best friend for years, but you did something to hurt them while you are drunk or high. You might be afraid of losing your best friend, but you can’t continue lying to them for longer either. You must stand up and be strong. During your recovery, honesty is the best policy. You must let your friend know what you have done and ask for their forgiveness. This can take some time or they may never forgive you. Either way, for the sake of your recovery, you must get through those amends.

Part of the reason for living a spiritual life in your recovery from an addiction is so you can have the guidance you need to keep staying clean and sober. You need guidance for learning to live a recovering lifestyle as well. Whether you are just finished with your alcohol or drug rehabilitation program or you have been done for years, you will need to continue making it through your amends. If you choose to shrink down anything you have done, this can harm you in the long run.

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