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When you read Chapter 6 of the Big Book, you will see that many things can happen when you make amends. “Sometimes the man we are calling upon admits his own fault, so feuds of years’ standing melt away in an hour. Rarely do we fail to make satisfactory progress. Our former enemies sometimes praise what we are doing and wish us well. Occasionally, they will offer assistance. It should not matter, however, if someone does throw us out of his office. We have made our demonstration, done our part. It’s water over the dam.”

Admitting Their Own Fault

When we make amends during 0ur recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is possible that the other person will also admit their own faults. They may stand up and say they were in the wrong as well. This can be one of the best feelings of all. When you let go of the years’ long of feuding and be able to shake hands or hug the struggles away. When they admit their own fault, you can also choose to accept their apology.

Getting Praise

As recovering alcoholics or addicts, you may also find that you get praise for you what you are doing. After attending an alcohol or drug rehab program, this can be another amazing feeling. At first, you might be scared to go to other people with the amends you need to make. However, when you get praise from someone for the things you are doing in recovery, you can feel stronger and ready to face another day clean and sober.

Offering Assistance

You might be offered assistance in what you are doing as well. When you are finished with an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program and working on your amends, the person you are making amends to might ask you what they can do to help. They may ask if there is anything you want to talk to them about or anything they can do for you. This assistance can help you out more in your recovery than you realize.

Getting Thrown Out

Not everyone is going to accept the amends that you make or possibly at least not right away. They may throw you out of their office or their home. You may not know what to do at this point and it might feel like a slap in the face. However, there are many things you can do in a point like this. You can remember that you are doing what you need to do, by making amends. Accept what has happened and move forward.

Recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction is time consuming. However, there are things that can get better. When you work on making amends a variety of things can happen. Most of the time, you will probably have a positive outcome. However, there might be times when things don’t quite go your way. Just keep your head up and keep pushing forward. That is the best possible way to look at amends and your entire recovery process.

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