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The Cycle of Drinking and Drugging

According to Chapter 6 of the Big Book, the addict or alcoholic, leads a double life. He or she acts and takes on a stage character. When he or she is under the influence, things are done, which are very much regrettable. This leads to more drinking and drugging and the cycle continues. Drinking and Drugging There are many reasons why addicts and alcoholics drink and use drugs. They go out to clubs or parties with their friends and they…...
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Methods Alcoholics Use to Try Controlling Their Drinking

There are many methods alcoholics use to try controlling their drinking. Unfortunately, alcoholics will never be able to control their drinking. They will never be like those drinkers who can just have one or two drinks and be done. Alcoholics aren’t able to drink like other people without the diseases of alcoholism. They lose control before the alcohol even touches their lips and can’t get it back. Many alcoholics will try just about anything to control their drinking, with the…...
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