What to Do If Your Spouse Wants Help with Their Alcoholism?

According to Chapter 8 of the Big Book, there are many things you can do if your spouse wants to get help with their alcoholism. While every person is different, it is essential that you know what steps to take, so you can help without overstepping your boundaries. Remember, you can be there to help your spouse, without trying to take over the situation. Find a List of Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs If your spouse is ready to accept…...
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Permission Giving Thoughts: What Do You Need to Know About Them?

In recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction, there are many things you learn. One of those things is how to prevent a relapse. This encompasses a range of relapse prevention tips. One of those tips is to learn about permission giving thoughts. These are the reasons you tell yourself that you can use drugs or drink again. The way to combat these is through a rebuttal. These are your reasons for not using that specific permission giving thought. Some…...
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What Do You Need for Relapse Prevention Planning?

Relapse prevention is one of the biggest parts of a recovering lifestyle. As you begin your stay in an alcohol or drug rehab center, there are many things you learn. You learn how to get clean and sober. This is just the beginning, though. You also learn how to manage your recovering lifestyle. Part of doing that is preventing a relapse. There are many things you should know about relapse prevention planning. There are lists you can make, things you…...
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